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What is Testosterone Base Suspension?

Testosterone Base Suspension is a steroid that contains androgenic hormone testosterone without any attached ester (the common Testosterone esters are Cypionate, Enanthate, Propionate, and Undecanoate). Normally, it is considered a male hormone.

Testosterone base Suspension dosage

The dosage of testosterone base for male bodybuilders should normally be within the range of 400 and 1200 mg per week. The amount of testosterone per dose actually depends upon the requirement of the bodybuilder. Initially, they can start with the lowest dosage and increase it as and when desired, under the guidance of a physician. Usually women can get desirable results by taking it in a dose ranging from 50 to 100 mgs every week.

Testosterone base Suspension cycles

Testosterone base is the 100% pure form of testosterone found in aqueous Testosterone Suspension. Though technically Test Base is not a suspension but a solution. No visible Testosterone crystals can be seen in test base as they are dissolved in a solvent or oil instead of water. For this reason, when test base is injected, the level of testosterone in the blood increases. And falls rapidly as compared to standard aqueous testosterone suspension, which is slowly absorbed at the site of injection. So testosterone base is considered as the fastest steroid as it instantly shows its effect after injecting and for this reason its cycle duration should range between 8 and 20 weeks, as per the requirement of the athlete.

Testosterone base Suspension stack with other steroids

The rate of gaining weight and size of the muscles is faster and amazing. Because testosterone base accumulates faster than testosterone with esters. In order to increase its effect, it can be stacked with other base steroids like methandrostenolone based Dianabol, etc. Bodybuilders who want to improve their weight as soon as possible. Can gain up to 30 pounds in just 8 weeks by stacking Testosterone Base with other steroids like Boldenone 200 or Deca 250.

Where to look for a Testosterone Base Suspension Powder supplier?

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