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What is Alpha GPC Powder?

Alpha GPC Powder is a compound which is naturally present in our brain and it is a primary source of choline in the human body. It is a precursor to an important drug which is currently believed to have the potential of treating mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Alpha GPC Powder Dosage

Alpha-GPC can be taken both orally or through an injection. The most common mode of using alpha-GPC is through the oral method.

Alpha-GPC is often delivered as a part of dietary supplements in the United States to improve cognitive ability and memory.

There is currently no standard for the dosage of alpha-GPC as it is predominantly regarded as a food supplement.

It is currently given in daily doses that are in a range of 300-1200 mg daily.

Where to look for a Alpha GPC Powder supplier?

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More detail about Alpha GPC, please refer to Wiki.


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